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The Language of Fear

It's been quite sometime since I wrote an article.

But sometimes life happens, and I get very busy doing other things.

I usually don't like spending much time behind screens either. But I try my best to connect and share my knowledge with my audience.

I have a lot to talk about this topic. So Let's Jump right into it.

Fear is a language, that speaks to us on a daily basis. But we either pay attention to it, or silence it.

Most people view Fear as an enemy, and they are totally controlled by It.

Some few people, learned how to master their own Fears, and silence the monsters in their heads.

Every person gets afraid at some point.

Remember when we all started walking when we were babies? I am sure you don't remember. But probably you have some pictures or videos that showed you the very first step you took. How did it feel? Remember? Can you go back in time and try to remember?

I am sure we were as afraid as Now. So afraid to fall.

But we fell, and we have seen that falling is not that bad.

So we kept on trying again and again until we learned how to walk.

Then we moved to walking and reaching out to things and break them!!

(Never mind)!!

Everything else in life is exactly the same. The same as those baby steps we took.

To start breaking our Fears, we need to take steps.

Things cannot just happen without taking steps. You cannot sit down, and wait for a miracle to happen.

Go out and take your step, and you will get an outcome at some point.

Sometimes it's not even about you, It's about the people around you, that project their fears on you, not allowing you to take that step you always wanted to take.

You will tell your friend something like, I am thinking to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

Your friend: Are you crazy? People die from motorcycles, you don't want to die young. Forget about this idea.

Then you gave up about pursuing your dreams in riding a motorcycle.

Thats why I always felt that No matter what you want to do in your life, Do NOT share it with anyone. Even your closest ones.

They might discourage you. So go out and do it anyway.

It's your own Journey. Your own experience.

They probably faced different kind of experiences in their lives.

So start writing your own memories. Chapter by Chapter. Keep Learning and growing.

After realizing the people who are the most afraid in my circles. I started asking them on purpose about things I want to do (But not really want to do) and wait for their answer.

Of course, I know their answer.

So, they directly start telling me that I am going to die if I tried to do this things, and how many people died trying. Probably they will come up with a fake story to even terrify me more.

So you see, Now you understand how people deal with FEAR.

You understand that it's a language, some people speaks it, and some people don't speak it.

You will connect with those who speak it fluently. Find them.

And my last advice for you,

Learn how to walk in this life silently, and Let your steps make the noise.

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