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Pink Level Trainers Course

The Pink Level Selfdefense Course is the basic/ beginner level of the SheFighter system. It will help you start by basic practices and it will get you to the next levels with confidence. Make sure you follow the techniques provided in the videos and dedicate a minimum of 6 -12 hours to achieve great results.


No experience or background in any Martial Arts needed

You can take the course for yourself and not just to become certified trainer

Course Content:

1. Introduction

2. Test Explanation Video

3. Program Design Training

4. Fight Stance
5. Shuffle (Forward, Backward)
6. She Palm
7. Jab
8. Cross
9. Hook
7. Upper cut
8. Defenses (Duck and Block)

9. Defenses (Pull Back and Slip)

10. She Kick

11. Rising Kick

12. She Angry

13. She Push

14. Double She Kick

15. Combo 1

16. Combo 2

17. Combo 3

18. Combo 4

Pink Level Online course

You will receive:


  • Pink Level Trainers Manual

  • Pass the test and Receive a Certificate of the Pink Trainers Level of SheFighter

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