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Master Level Trainers Course

The Master Level Selfdefense Trainers Course contains Three parts (The Forms, The Techniques and The Combos) . It will challenge you in working on your memory, posture, confidence and technique with the Forms and challenge you with Jump high spin kicks and lots of combinations of kicks and punches that are all advanced.

Dedicate a minimum 40 hours of practice to Pass the Master Level


Pass the Gold Level

Course Content:

1. Introduction

2. Test Submission guideline

3. Fight Regulations

4. SheForms 

5. Techniques

6. Side Kick

7. Screw Turning Kick

8. Jump Turning Kick

9. Side Kick (Low, Mid, High)

10.Elbow Combinations

11.Jump Back Turning Kick

12. All Stances

13. Jump Side Kick

14. Screw Jump Back Side Kick

15. Screw Jump Back Turning Kick

16. Shuffle Jump Back Side Kick

17. Master Jab, Jump Up elbow

18. Switch Jump Back Side Kick

19. One Step Jump Back Side Kick

20. Splits

Bonus: 30 Combinations

Master Level Online courses

You will receive: ​

  • Master Level Trainers Manual

  • Pass the test and Receive a Certificate of the Master Level

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