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Since I was a kid, I had a problem with my confidence and the way I carry myself in front of people. People would tell me, Who do you think you are? I never understood whats their problem or how my presence is affecting them or bothering them in anyway.

I was completely Myself, I have been taught in Martial Arts since I was a kid and I loved every single part of the discipline and training.

I realized growing up, that Martial Arts Schools accept Power because they recognize it. Its something that is familiar to them, as every person step in the training or choose the Martial Arts practice is looking for a place to celebrate their power.

I never felt like I should hide my confidence or my power when I was training in Martial Arts, but I always felt I need to act with less confidence when it comes to normal schools. To have friends and not to stay alone all the time. Because believe me the worst could happen to you in normal schools is to be abandoned by your colleagues just because you are different.

I struggled to keep friends in school, while it was so easy to have long lasting friendships in Martial Arts school.

In Martial Arts school, they push you to become more confident and stronger, while normal school ask you not to behave in such a way because you will probably not going to get married or get a normal job and you will struggle to fit in society.

I knew since I do have confidence and Power, that my life will not be easy, as I will step into the world eventually and I will face all kind of problems from people who are simply insecure.

I knew also that If I am different it means I can lead the crowd, because simply they are all the same.

I have been tested and trained by God and the Universe since I was a kid and I was prepared to be different and to take that Journey for a reason.

I deal with rejection naturally as I have been rejected since I was a child from having friends, joining certain teams, or even staying in school. I learned about rejection the tough way. I also learned that I too, reject certain things that is not meant to serve me on the long run.

I learned that No is a full sentence.

For those of you who knows that they are extremely confidence, smart, or even powerful.

Do Not dim your light. Keep Faith in your own Journey. Trust Yourself, God and the Universe. Everyone Got your Back!!

Lina Khalifeh

Founder of SheFighter

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It's been quite sometime since I wrote an article.

But sometimes life happens, and I get very busy doing other things.

I usually don't like spending much time behind screens either. But I try my best to connect and share my knowledge with my audience.

I have a lot to talk about this topic. So Let's Jump right into it.

Fear is a language, that speaks to us on a daily basis. But we either pay attention to it, or silence it.

Most people view Fear as an enemy, and they are totally controlled by It.

Some few people, learned how to master their own Fears, and silence the monsters in their heads.

Every person gets afraid at some point.

Remember when we all started walking when we were babies? I am sure you don't remember. But probably you have some pictures or videos that showed you the very first step you took. How did it feel? Remember? Can you go back in time and try to remember?

I am sure we were as afraid as Now. So afraid to fall.

But we fell, and we have seen that falling is not that bad.

So we kept on trying again and again until we learned how to walk.

Then we moved to walking and reaching out to things and break them!!

(Never mind)!!

Everything else in life is exactly the same. The same as those baby steps we took.

To start breaking our Fears, we need to take steps.

Things cannot just happen without taking steps. You cannot sit down, and wait for a miracle to happen.

Go out and take your step, and you will get an outcome at some point.

Sometimes it's not even about you, It's about the people around you, that project their fears on you, not allowing you to take that step you always wanted to take.

You will tell your friend something like, I am thinking to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

Your friend: Are you crazy? People die from motorcycles, you don't want to die young. Forget about this idea.

Then you gave up about pursuing your dreams in riding a motorcycle.

Thats why I always felt that No matter what you want to do in your life, Do NOT share it with anyone. Even your closest ones.

They might discourage you. So go out and do it anyway.

It's your own Journey. Your own experience.

They probably faced different kind of experiences in their lives.

So start writing your own memories. Chapter by Chapter. Keep Learning and growing.

After realizing the people who are the most afraid in my circles. I started asking them on purpose about things I want to do (But not really want to do) and wait for their answer.

Of course, I know their answer.

So, they directly start telling me that I am going to die if I tried to do this things, and how many people died trying. Probably they will come up with a fake story to even terrify me more.

So you see, Now you understand how people deal with FEAR.

You understand that it's a language, some people speaks it, and some people don't speak it.

You will connect with those who speak it fluently. Find them.

And my last advice for you,

Learn how to walk in this life silently, and Let your steps make the noise.

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Why do we learn something we are not comfortable with?

Why learn a new language, or a musical instrument when you will never ever have to use it?

The answer is; to keep your brain young and healthy.

When we were kids, we used to fill our times doing many things; from learning how to swim to art classes, basketball, volleyball, to singing and acting.

We were never ashamed of what we do.

We were seldom worried to fail or if we were embarrassed or rejected.

We rarely complained or say why we are we learning something that will never be useful for us in the future!!

I must admit though, I have often said; why am I taking history lessons? I will never have to use it in the future!

To go off topic, I still question all the history that was written in our books and what was taught to us.

Was it written by men or women? Are they all men in power who wrote those books? And many questions comes to mind about books in general.

After publishing my first book, I knew that not all books get out there unless you are well known or a person of power.

Then once we get into college, we need to decide what major we want to study. We need to choose. Because you don’t want to make the mistake of wasting 4 years or even more, studying something that will not get you a Job in the future.

If you don’t get into college, you will not have a job. But Why?

Focusing your brain on one field only will cause your brain to tighten not allowing it to challenge itself to grow.

Why do we do that to people and cause future illnesses that no one knows how to cure.

Have you ever had to deal with someone working in your bank or an employee who just don’t get what you say because you are asking them to be a little bit more creative?!! Or find a solution to a problem!!

They are wired like machines.

If you tell them to do a certain task, they will do the task without adding the magic part of it which is thinking. Be a little bit more creative, can you?

They can’t.

Then Jobs nowadays because they witnessed probably all the slowness, they add in their Job description, be more creative, be a self-starter...etc.

It’s like telling them to breath under water.

I have worked with people who are extremely talented and creative, and they always make life more colorful and brighter for everyone. They are the artists, even if they study one field or a major in college, they still write imaginary stories and draw different characters and those employees used to tell me that they have the worst grades in college.

That’s why I always wondered about the bad systems that make people spend 4 years of their lives studying one field.

I am now in my mid 30s and I am feeling that I want to learn something new. Something that I have never done before in my life. Something scares me, and makes me feel uncomfortable.

Lots of people once they have a good career, they stick to it most of their lives, and if they get fired, they feel depressed and feel useless because they don’t know how to make a life for themselves.

They don’t know how to hunt.

They rely on others for their own success and happiness.

To keep a healthy and young brain, you have to keep an attitude of learning something new in every age. Age is just a number and your brain can get younger just by the way you think and view life.

When you have a young brain, you will look young and people would tell you; you look 18 years old.

It’s a good feeling isn’t it? Then when you reach 70, you will look 40 

It’s because your thoughts, and positive attitude will keep your brain younger each year.

Keep learning my friends

Lina Khalifeh

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