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Having a Young Brain

Why do we learn something we are not comfortable with?

Why learn a new language, or a musical instrument when you will never ever have to use it?

The answer is; to keep your brain young and healthy.

When we were kids, we used to fill our times doing many things; from learning how to swim to art classes, basketball, volleyball, to singing and acting.

We were never ashamed of what we do.

We were seldom worried to fail or if we were embarrassed or rejected.

We rarely complained or say why we are we learning something that will never be useful for us in the future!!

I must admit though, I have often said; why am I taking history lessons? I will never have to use it in the future!

To go off topic, I still question all the history that was written in our books and what was taught to us.

Was it written by men or women? Are they all men in power who wrote those books? And many questions comes to mind about books in general.

After publishing my first book, I knew that not all books get out there unless you are well known or a person of power.

Then once we get into college, we need to decide what major we want to study. We need to choose. Because you don’t want to make the mistake of wasting 4 years or even more, studying something that will not get you a Job in the future.

If you don’t get into college, you will not have a job. But Why?

Focusing your brain on one field only will cause your brain to tighten not allowing it to challenge itself to grow.

Why do we do that to people and cause future illnesses that no one knows how to cure.

Have you ever had to deal with someone working in your bank or an employee who just don’t get what you say because you are asking them to be a little bit more creative?!! Or find a solution to a problem!!

They are wired like machines.

If you tell them to do a certain task, they will do the task without adding the magic part of it which is thinking. Be a little bit more creative, can you?

They can’t.

Then Jobs nowadays because they witnessed probably all the slowness, they add in their Job description, be more creative, be a self-starter...etc.

It’s like telling them to breath under water.

I have worked with people who are extremely talented and creative, and they always make life more colorful and brighter for everyone. They are the artists, even if they study one field or a major in college, they still write imaginary stories and draw different characters and those employees used to tell me that they have the worst grades in college.

That’s why I always wondered about the bad systems that make people spend 4 years of their lives studying one field.

I am now in my mid 30s and I am feeling that I want to learn something new. Something that I have never done before in my life. Something scares me, and makes me feel uncomfortable.

Lots of people once they have a good career, they stick to it most of their lives, and if they get fired, they feel depressed and feel useless because they don’t know how to make a life for themselves.

They don’t know how to hunt.

They rely on others for their own success and happiness.

To keep a healthy and young brain, you have to keep an attitude of learning something new in every age. Age is just a number and your brain can get younger just by the way you think and view life.

When you have a young brain, you will look young and people would tell you; you look 18 years old.

It’s a good feeling isn’t it? Then when you reach 70, you will look 40 

It’s because your thoughts, and positive attitude will keep your brain younger each year.

Keep learning my friends

Lina Khalifeh

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