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Gold Level Online Course

Gold Level Trainers Course

The Gold Level Trainers Selfdefense Course is the Professional Level at SheFighter system. It will challenge you with high and spin kicks that contains accuracy, coordination and strength.

Dedicate a minimum 6 -12 hours of practice to achieve better results to qualify you to get to the Master Level.


Pass the Black Level

Course Content:

1. Introduction

2. Test submission guideline

3. Tiger Stance, Fore Stance and Back Stance

4. Front Kick

5. Slip Front Kick

6. side SheElbow, Up Sheelbow

7. One Step Turning Kick

8. Side Kick

9. Side Kick (Low and High)

10. Screw Turning Kick

11. Double Turning Kick

12. Jump Turning Kick

13. Side Kick (Low, Mid, High)

14. Superwoman Punch

15. Jump Back Side Kick

16. Back Turning Kick

17. Shuffle Back Turning Kick

18. One Step Jump Back Side

19. Back Fist, Jump Back Fist

20. Combos

21. Splits

You will receive: 


  • Gold Level Trainers Manual

  • Pass the test and Receive a Certificate of the Gold Level

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