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The Beginning of My Spiritual Journey

Today 18th of June 2020, I become 36 years younger. The last 6 years of my life, I decided to go on a spiritual Journey. I didn't go to some kind of mountain or India. I went deep inside to the place that I avoided long time ago, to try to understand WHO AM I really!! My True Being and why do I have these emotions that I can't control. One Day, I had an experience that changed my life and I realized what happened to me is what we all eventually have inside of us (Enlightenment) or (The Truth).

On a Friday afternoon exactly at 4Pm, I was in bed laying down on my back looking at the ceiling with No thoughts at all, placing my hands behind my head and crossing one leg on top of the other. Suddenly, I lost sense of my legs and then it went all the way to my stomach. I felt complete Panic as my brain didn't understand what is going on!! Then in less than a second, I was GONE. A feeling of extreme peace that i never felt before replaced the fear and panic.I wasn't sleeping, as I know exactly how sleep feels like. It was a different experience, that I was aware of it fully. Then, In no time, I was in another world. where the people that I know are the same people with the same names, but they have different lives and personalities. I realized I am not in my world, and there is no way of coming back to the world that i know. I realized how death looks like. If we are gone, there is no way of coming back. It is never our choice to come back to this life. In No time, I was back to the same position on my bed, looking at the ceiling. I immediately sat down and thought, what on earth just happened!! Is that death?!! and if it is death, why am I aware of it? why people are afraid of it!! But I realized all the time, when I was pulled to another dimension and back, that we know less about Life and I realized that your awareness is separate than your body. The Mind is NOT You. If you say, I can't live with myself anymore, It shows you exactly that there is another version of you looking at yourself and can't live with your mind and can't live with that person anymore. You are aware of everything in all dimensions because you are not the body and you are not the mind. You are an infinite Human being holding the key in your hand all the time since you were born but you never use it to open the door. I hope you realize that you are exactly where you have to be. Life is full of mysterious discoveries, when you think you know, you never truly knows. Open your mind and heart and keep learning then teach what you have learnt.

Maya Angelou said; "Be a Person that all people will remember you in their prayers"

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