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Be a TimeLess Leader

The meaning of that is not trying to use every single hour of the day to be productive, Or to look busy in front of people's eyes, or even to try to get many tasks done but you end up completing non.

Don't copy what other people are doing believing it will give you success or get you to places. Focus only on your Life.

A Timeless leader works on their own pace. Takes infinite vacations, but it will look like a vacation to you, while they are doing the work that you can't see. They are there best when they take themselves out of their own environment to get clear, innovative solutions. A Timeless leader seems for so many people that they are not doing much with their lives, while the amount of work and energy that is happening inside of them has passed your time long time ago.

They will appear to you that they are wasting time.

A Timeless leader will look relaxed and not busy the way lots of people would appear. They have Lots of time and never feels tight on time. They feel they have all the time in the world to achieve what they are about to achieve next.

A Timeless Leader would focus on completing task by task, so they would have all the time to think, reflect and come up with the right, proper formula to succeed.

A Timeless leader is always ahead of you, even during their sleep they are ahead of you. They are ahead of you when you believe that if you sleep you will not complete your work. The amount of energy Timeless leaders create will never be understandable for so many human beings. They don't just work while you are not watching, they work on their own dream worlds where they get most of their answers from.

The awakening life is very limited. Focusing on only what you can achieve while you are awake, you will always be behind so many others. Getting extra hours at work will not get you places or at least get you places where people are taking the globe with their ideas and projects.

Your life is not considered only what you can achieve during the awakening life, its mastering both the sleeping life with the awakening life by doing less effort and being focused even during tough times.

So Be Timeless Leaders my Friends!

Lina Khalifeh

Founder and Motivational Speaker

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