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The SheFighter Conference

"Getting your Momentum Back"

22th of June 2023
6Pm -10Pm

About the Conference

Get ready to Light your spirit, Learn Self-Defense, and be inspired at the "The SheFighter" Women's Empowerment Conference.

Join us for a dynamic and engaging event designed to empower women, celebrate their strength, and foster personal growth through fun and transformative experiences.

At "SheFighter," we believe that empowerment comes through inspiration and movement, creative expression, and a supportive community. This conference combines the power of Inspiration, Self-Defense, and Fun Talks to help bring the best in you and helps you move forward. 


Key Highlights


  • Lina Khalifeh "Shefighter Founder" will be sharing her Success Story :
    How She took her business from local to global

  • 1 on 1 Conversations with Inspirational & Powerful women Speakers 

  • Basic Self-Defense Workshop Provided by founder of SheFighter Lina

  • Network and Meet Badass women


Shefighter Conference
Lina Khalifeh is the Founder of SheFighter and the Host of The SheFighter Conference. 

She started SheFighter in Jordan in 2012, the first Self-Defense Studio for women in the Middle East and trained more than 25k women globally.
The SheFighter Conference
Mia Monteiro, is a Senior Marketing Manager at Visa Canada, leading the Visa She’s Next Grant Program among other lines of business. Outside of her 9-5, she enjoys DJing, riding her motorcycle and practicing Muay Thai.
The SheFighter Conference
Traci Shepheard, is the Founder of MeditationWorks Canada’s First Mobile Mediation which launched May 2020 with a pro bono tour to frontline healthcare workers.  
MeditationWorks has now brought to life over 765 LIVE Workplace Wellness experiences in person and virtually around the world | There is a Power in Pause! 
The SheFighter Conference
Julie Hansen is the Vice President and Global Executive Advisor for SalesForce.
She is an award winning, strategic advisor to senior business leaders and corporate board members.
A passionate explorer, Julie is a motorcycle rider. She has ridden over 250,000 km incorporating 7 countries to date. However, her most unusual adventure is completing a Mars mission at the HI-SEAS space exploration research station. Ask her about it!
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