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Recognizing Power: A Journey to Discovering Thy Power

Since I was a kid, I had a problem with my confidence and the way I carry myself in front of people. People would tell me, Who do you think you are? I never understood whats their problem or how my presence is affecting them or bothering them in anyway.

I was completely Myself, I have been taught in Martial Arts since I was a kid and I loved every single part of the discipline and training.

I realized growing up, that Martial Arts Schools accept Power because they recognize it. Its something that is familiar to them, as every person step in the training or choose the Martial Arts practice is looking for a place to celebrate their power.

I never felt like I should hide my confidence or my power when I was training in Martial Arts, but I always felt I need to act with less confidence when it comes to normal schools. To have friends and not to stay alone all the time. Because believe me the worst could happen to you in normal schools is to be abandoned by your colleagues just because you are different.

I struggled to keep friends in school, while it was so easy to have long lasting friendships in Martial Arts school.

In Martial Arts school, they push you to become more confident and stronger, while normal school ask you not to behave in such a way because you will probably not going to get married or get a normal job and you will struggle to fit in society.

I knew since I do have confidence and Power, that my life will not be easy, as I will step into the world eventually and I will face all kind of problems from people who are simply insecure.

I knew also that If I am different it means I can lead the crowd, because simply they are all the same.

I have been tested and trained by God and the Universe since I was a kid and I was prepared to be different and to take that Journey for a reason.

I deal with rejection naturally as I have been rejected since I was a child from having friends, joining certain teams, or even staying in school. I learned about rejection the tough way. I also learned that I too, reject certain things that is not meant to serve me on the long run.

I learned that No is a full sentence.

For those of you who knows that they are extremely confidence, smart, or even powerful.

Do Not dim your light. Keep Faith in your own Journey. Trust Yourself, God and the Universe. Everyone Got your Back!!

Lina Khalifeh

Founder of SheFighter

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